10 Best Live Music Venues

Love Los Angeles? You can experience the Nightlife of Los Angeles with these 10 Best Live Music Venues

You can find live music in LA anywhere and everywhere. There are small intimate clubs to massive venues. From Harvelles to Walt Disney Concert Hall even Staples Center you won't want to miss any. The iconic and incredible Hollywood Bowl in the Greek Theater is not to be missed. Some of the cities historical spots like the Wiltern and El Rey Theatre are part of the 1930s Art Deco building movement. No matter what the size of the venue, Los Angeles is one of the world's most important centers for music and creativity and you can find something live playing every night of the week.

10. El Rey Theatre

The El Rey Theater has been in the Los Angeles live music scene since 1994. Its history goes back further with the Art Deco building. It began in 1936 as a movie house and has been designated as an historic cultural monument. The architecture of the theater is worth the visit. The lobby has stunning staircases with chandeliers and a grand ballroom that one can rent for private events. All kinds of musical genres play here.

9. Harvelle's

This is a small dark venue, which is a local favorite for live blues, rock and alternative music. It is been around since 1931 and is a Santa Monica landmark. It is smoke-filled and some call it a dive but it is become quite sophisticated. It has a black and white to core that gives the ambience a retro cool vibe and the stage is set with a deep red curtain backdrop. The place gets really packed so arrive early to make sure you have a seat. You can find cutting edge sounds of rock artists or traditional musicians and even blues but you will for sure hear something wonderful.

8. Teragram Ballroom

This ballroom recently opened in downtown LA. The concert spaces on Seventh Street, which is close to Staples Center and the Microsoft Theater. It is located in an old century renovated theater that was once a Hollywood movie palace. It only holds 600 people so there is standing room only. There are three dressing rooms a dedicated loading dock a backstage and a state-of-the-art sound system, three bars in a restaurant will and he will need to fight to get the attention of a bartender. It is a perfect dance party venue.

7. The Wiltern

The Wiltern was actually an old vaudeville theater in 1931. It is one of the all-time most beautiful theaters and has again Art Deco design, which was saved in 1980s. The theater was restored and opened in 1985 and is one of the largest and most popular venues for live music in Los Angeles. In 2000 to the ground floor was converted to standing room only and there are two balcony levels loge and mezzanine that offer theater seats. You can find all kinds of eclectic music here and even stand-up comedy or swing dancing events.

6. The Mint

One of the most classic clubs is a small place that has great sound. It is been around since 1937 and has a small stage with a small dance floor and a bar and booze. You can eat in the back but upfront you'll want to listen to the bands that range from New Orleans favorites like Trombone Shorty and Rebirth Brass Band. You never know who can turn up on stage, in the past it's been Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt and Tom Jones.

5. The Hotel Cafe

This is a great venue if you want to see any up-and-coming singer-songwriter or bands in Los Angeles. It is open seven days a week and it's a Hollywood hotspot for any new artist career. It is intimate and unassuming. Make sure you get a table or couch otherwise it is standing room only. Even though the title says Café it's definitely a club and you won't find any food here. The main stage holds 200 and there is a second stage the holds 85. The cover charge ranges from $10-$20 at the door and is cash only.

4. Staples Center

Downtown Los Angeles is the great Staples Center and seats 21,000. Any big act will play here from Bruce Springsteen to Taylor Swift with sold-out performances. It is also the place where Michael Jackson's memorial service on July 7, 2009 was held. It is the home of the major Los Angeles sports teams Lakers, Clippers, Sparks and Kings.

3. Greek Theatre

The Greek Theater is located in Griffith Park and is been around since it opened in 1931. It was renovated in 2015 and is an open-air amphitheater that seats 5900 people. The season goes from spring to fall and takes advantage of the fantastic weather in Southern California. Some of the top acts have been Lenny Kravitz, will Willie Nelson, Adele and others. It is not like the Hollywood Bowl where you can bring in outside food or beverages. You will need to buy those from vendors during the show.

2. Walt Disney Concert Hall

This concert hall was designed by the famed architect Frank Gehry in 2003. It is a stainless steel wonder that transcends acoustics in a grand designed auditorium. It was created to look like a ship that sails and there is a curved wooden pipe organ that is spectacular. It is the home of the LA Philharmonic and performs classical music throughout its season. You can also find performances by the Los Angeles Master Chorale and the American Youth Symphony. There are guided tours offer daily but to see the main auditorium we have to purchase a ticket.

1. Hollywood Bowl

This is the place to see any Southern California concert from April to October. It is a summer home of the LA Philharmonic and it is a place for the Beatles and the Doors played back in the day. It also hosts the Playboy Jazz Festival in June. You can see a ballet or a classical music along with rock, country, Latin or pop musicians. Typically you would bring your own picnic and wine with tablecloths and candles. You can also have a fine restaurant dinner before the show and there is never a hurry to leave as it often takes a while to get out of the parking lot.