Macy's in North Hollywood Closes its Doors, Marking End of Laurel Plaza

The Macy's in North Hollywood

The Macy's in North Hollywood, the last store in Laurel Plaza, has finally closed ending a 61-year shopping tradition. The 475,000 square-foot store at 6150 Laurel Canyon Blvd. closed this week after a two-month fire sale. On Friday afternoon the retail company's parking lot was empty, except for only a few cars and a woman hauling away a mannequin. On the door there was a sign posted saying this Macy's location is now closed.

The closure follows dozens of Macy's to have shut their doors across the nation this year as a result of diminishing department store sales. The North Hollywood store had 193 employees and they were rehired at other stores or given severance packages. The closest Macy's is now at Burbank Town Center and Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks. The North Hollywood closure marks the end of a mall tradition that began in 1955 at the height of the San Fernando Valley postwar building boom.

It was at Laurel Plaza that the May Co. opened its regional headquarters surrounded by ice-skating rink and other stores. But after the 1994 Northridge earthquake the 80-foot tall building was razed. Macy's took over what was a Robinsons-May store in 2006. But of course you can shop online and save even more using Macy's coupons.

Laurel Plaza is full of memories as visitors reflect on the time they would spend at Orange Julius and the candy kiosk. It was driven by pop-culture and a very special place and is still in the hearts of all grown up Valley kids. It was an awesome time to grow up in the Valley.

The 25-acre Laurel Canyon Plaza property at Oxnard Street has been sold to an investment firm that plans to build a $200 million mixed use retail, office and residential complex.